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The Exile by Jack-Kaiser The Exile by Jack-Kaiser
Not sure if this counts as fan art exactly, but frankly the Star Wars universe is all but dead to me these days, and as someone who grew up obsessed with it, to the point of owning more than 90(!) books and having read even more from the EU, that hurts.

Maybe that's why I loved Knights of the Old Republic 2, even if it really was only half a game (thanks, LucasArts, you meddling fucks.) It was both such an intensely personal story, as well as one that gleefully pointed out just how ridiculous half the canon crap is while still managing to have a really solid story that was remarkably dark.

Well, until the last third or so. But until I get it reinstalled and have time to play through it with that restored content patch, oh well.

I was glad to learn that they made the Exile canonically female, since that was how I started off. She wound up being one of my favorite in-game characters, since I'm a compulsive roleplayer, and she actually gave me a chance to be both a devoted lightsider and blast the Jedi order for being the hypocrites and blind, hidebound fools they were. So, I guess, she was something of a Jedi Knight Errant.

With green robes and viridian lightsaber. Hell yes.

ReDraw: [link]
Tiki-The-Troll Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
At first I thought the green light on her face was distracting, but after changing my monitor's angle, it's good! Heh.

But yes. Very good.
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June 20, 2012
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